The British Killifish Association is dedicated to the study of,
propagation of, and publication of knowledge pertaining to Killifish.

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Welcome to the BKA website. If you are new to these fish or even if you have been keeping them for years you will certainly find something of interest. The site is filled with articles, pictures and species information, but also has a host of interactive features; online auction, database of breeders records and unpaired fish message board.

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Pair up your odd fish - or exchange spares. Fill in the form to place an advert.

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Fundulopanchax scheeli scheeli

Fundulopanchax fallax fifinda orange

Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri N'Sukka Gold

Epiplatys roloffi BKA Members Area
Latest news and photographs. Online nominal role, contact details for BKA officers, members sales table and a lot lot more!

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See whats in the BKA store - books, information pamphlets and back issues of killi-news. Order your copy of World of Killies IV now!

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BKA 2005 convention results now posted

Fish pictures from the 2005 convention - lots of species

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