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  • The database provides breeding and maintainance information to anyone unfamiliar with a specific species
  • It allows users to record their experiences, and leave a permanant record for future generations of fishkeeper
  • It allows statistical analysis of our experiences with each fish
  • This database does not contain the extensive ichthyological and historical information as seen on sites such as killi-data. Its purpose is to catalogue YOUR experiences NOW; before you forget the details!
Main features
  • There is a page for every species of killifish. If you have a fish not on our list please email
  • Breeding questionaires are predominantly multiple choice, for ease and speed of use, as well as accuracy in collecting results
  • All functions are fully automated, as to allow continous data collection, independant of technical input
Things to consider
  • Breeding reports can be filled in whenever you breed (or attempt to breed) a species. If you maintain a species over the long term, feel free to fill in a report as many times as you like
  • Negative breeding reports are almost as useful as positive ones! Please let us know how you went wrong!
  • Please check that your location codes are accurate

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Species database - latest entry?
Aphyosemion australe Gold

Water conditions: Very soft and acidic
Water temperature: 24-27oC
Disposition: Active, but not aggresive
Community tank?: Only with species of similar size

Read the full report here

Species database - summary
The BKA species database contains 775 distinct species.
There have been 612 breeding reports on 260 species.

The species with the most records is Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus

Adamas Adinia Aphanius Aphyolebias Aphyosemion
Aplocheilicthys Aplocheilus Archiaphyosemion Austrofundulus Austrolebias
Austrolebias Callopanchax Campellolebias Crenichthys Cualac
Cubanichthys Cynolebias Cynopoecilus Cyprinodon Empetrichthys
Epiplatys Episemion Floridichthys Fluviphylax Foerschichthys
Fundulopanchax Fundulosoma Fundulus Garmanella Gnatholebias
Hylopanchax Hypsopanchax Jordanella Laciris Lacustricola
Lamprichthys Leptolebias Leptolucania Lucania Maratecoara
Megalebias Megupsilon Micromoema Micropanchax Millerichthys
Moema Neofundulus Nothobranchius Orestias Oxyzygonectes
Pachypanchax Pantanodon Papiliolebias Pituna Plancterus
Plataplochilus Plesiolebias Poropanchax Procatopus Profundulus
Pronothobranchius Pseudoepiplatys Pterolebias Rachovia Renova
Rhexipanchax Rivulus Scriptaphyosemion Simpsonichthys Spectrolebias
Stenolebias Terranatos Tomeurus Trigonectes Valencia

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