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What is the British Killifish Association?

The British Killifish Association is dedicated to the study of, propagation of and publication of knowledge pertaining to Killifish.

What are the benefits of membership?

killinewsIf you join the British Killifish Association you will receive our all colour monthly journal 'Killi-News'. This journal contains articles on all aspects of killi-keeping together with descriptions of new species, collecting trip reports, a Fish and Egg List which provides a forum for members to trade livestock, and information on local area meetings (some of which are members only), auctions and our convention.

If you would like a free copy of Killi-News please contact the publicity officer: Adrian Burge. You will also receive:

  • starter packBKA starter booklet 'A Guide to Killie Keeping' by Fred Wright; covering killie maintainance, feeding, breeding, diseases and posting fish.
  • Nominal role; a list of names and addresses of all BKA members, so that you can contact members nearby. You should also be supplied with names of members willing to answer your questions.
  • Rules and Services guide; details of association rules, and the BKA merchandise listings.
  • Access to the BKA website members area which contains the online auction, and a whole lot more pictures and articles.

As a member you may buy BKA merchandise at reduced prices. Probably the biggest benefit however, is the availiability of both information and livestock from other members.

Many BKA events are open to the public, but some are for members only, though you may join on the day. Please see the events page for details. If theres an event near you, come on down!

Annual Membership Fees


How do I join?

You can join online by credit card in our secure area; we take most credit cards, or you can become a BKA member by filling in this form , and sending it, with a cheque to Cliff Griffiths ( You may also join at any BKA event, or -if living overseas by exchange membership. You may also give Cliff your credit card details over the phone. You may also perform an electronic bank transfer, to the account detailed below, though you should also send us your details and notify us of payment

Bank: HSBC Sort Code: 40-47-28 Account Number: 71497650
Cliff Griffiths,

Our online transactions are very kindly supplied by Maidenhead Aquatics, Iver (who, incidently stock a number of killifish) so your statement will describe us as 'Maidenhead Aquatics, Iver' rather than the BKA.

For more Information, or a sample copy of Killi-News, please contact the publicity officer: Adrian Burge (


Killi-News is the monthly BKA journal published in full colour and typically 20-24 pages. Back issues are still available in the BKA online store.
If you are looking for an article on a specific topic, you can search the database of back issues.

The latest issue of killinews (April 2003, #450) contains the following articles:
Venezuela - Then and Now; Fourteen Years of Changes - Dr. Roger Brousseau

Upcoming events

The BKA holds a number of events from March until November. The next events will be:




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