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American Killifish Association
Associado Portuguesa de Killifilia In Portuguese and English
Association Killiphile Francophone Belge In French
Associazione Italiana Killifish
Austrian Killifish Association
British Killifish Association
Canadian Killifish Association Fish and egg list. In English.
Czech Killifish Club
Deutschen Killifisch Gemeinschaft
International Killifish Association Extensive killifish photograph gallery. Information on maintaining fish and livefoods. Killifish book reviews, plus many articles. Killies mailing list. In English
Killi club Argentino In Spanish
Killi club de France
Killifish Nederland
National Australian Killifish Association Photo gallery, membership details. Australian species survey. In English
NZ Killifish Association
Skandinaviska Killi Sällskapets
Sociedad Espanola de Ciprinodontidos
South African Killifish Society
South American annuals Great site dedicated to South American Annuals, lots of pictures and info


African annual fish Site dedicated to Nothobranchius, and other African annuals
Anthony Conrads Killi Homepage In French
Argentina Killifish por Pablo Calviño
Cynolebias - Killifish from South America Jeronimo Chiecchios cynolebias site
Cynolebias del Uruguay
Cyprinodonts Martin Tversteds Cyprinodonts pages
Dusan Kojics "My Favourite Aquarum Fish"
Finn Milvertzs killipage
Fish fish and egg list
Garys fishroom photos and fish and egg list
Henriks killifish homepage
Jesper Thorups fishkeeping page great site in both Danish and English Great photos, fish and egg list
Killifische Great pictures, in German
Killisidan In Swedish
Konstantine L. Kiselevs killipage in Russian
Norm Ruebsamens fish room
Os killies de Vasco Gomes
Roloffia homepage
Rudolf Pohlmann's Chromaphyosemion site
Stans killies
West African killifish Lots of articles and pictures German Rivulus site

Research Websites

Iberian Cyprinodontids
Nothobranchius information centre Very good Nothobranchius site. A lot of information

Links Pages

Blacksun killifish links Very comprehensive list of killifish sites
Fish link central Links site
Fish links Great links site with links just about everywhere
Practical Fish Keeping Website of the magazine

UK Clubs and Societies

Dunstable and district aquarium society
Federation of British Aquarist Societies Website of the FBAS



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